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About Us

Even though the dogs do most of the work, they still need some cheap manual labor...that's where we come in.

pete and deena duotone

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A Uneek Company

Uneek is ECO-CULTURE. From our US Grown Organic and truly Natural ingredients to low impact packaging, production and fulfillment, every aspect is as sustainable, re-usable and recyclable as possible. That is Eco-Culture. The vendors we choose to create Uneek Organics share our philosophy. They too, have great suppliers and work with local efforts as much as possible. 98% of our production and fulfillment is within a 50 mile radius.

Uneek was born out of our love for dogs, nutrition and Mother Nature. Dogs have the same nutritional needs we do. Better quality ingredients that are specifically suited to them. If we dog owners know one thing, what they want most to eat is everything we eat. What we want most is to give them the best, whether it goes in or on the body.

Serch and Zappa inspired me to create treats that are easier to digest, taste wonderful and most of all consists of human grade ingredients that meet their nutritional needs.

Good quality food and water is so very important to our survival. What is also very important is what goes on our bodies and what surrounds us. That is why our motto is; If it goes on or in the body, it is Organic. If it will affect our air, streams or marine life, it is truly Natural. Meaning there is no harm from the product to the environment.

Nature gives us everything we need in life to survive. It is our goal to insure that we continue to keep her pure. When you buy our products you are doing just that. You are also helping to save needy animals and create a society that is one of respect, kindness and sustainability.

A Uneek Community

It takes us all to create a Uneek community. We cannot do what we do, without you. Not everyone has time to save the planet and it's creatures but we all want to. The best way to accomplish such efforts is with your dollar. Your dollar is your voice and it speaks loud and clear.

Merchants are in the business to offer you consumable goods. A merchant success is due solely to their customer. YOU. If you have something to say, do so by a purchase or a pass.

Buying an items tells that merchant you like it and keep it coming. Do you know where that items comes from and its impact? If you don't and want to, ask the merchant. They should know. If they don't, they will find out and you have educated them too. You have also just told them what you want as a consumer.

Not buying an item because it is unhealthy, made without a conscience or unneccesarily bad for you, tells the merchant they need to make better decisions for you. Not buying an item makes it's value to the merchant less and they will look to bring in items that make them money. Items you want to buy.

We buys good every week of our lives. That is all the time you need. With every purchase you make, you are building the community you want. That is your power.

A Uneek Website

Our website www.uneekdogs.com. is our community meeting place. It is where we share the information you want to have.

Our site will be growing right along with our company and your support. We currently offer excellent products and a fun venue to share with our friends from all over the world.

Please visit and share your experiences of all varieties. We love stories, pictures and feedback.

Perhaps you care to share a volunteer operation that is doing amazing work to help benefit animals, so we can post them on our charity page and blog.

Or perhaps you would like to a special item for your dog or to meet new friends. That is what we are here for. We hope you visit often.


Our Uneek Press

We have great supporters here at Uneek. Please check out these articles! Don't miss our KOMO 4 News clip from Woofstock '07 available just to the left. Our blog has rescue pups, the latest and greatest from Uneek and stories from our friends. Our dogs page is all our Uneek Dog friends. Would you like to be one? Just send in a pic with a great Uneek story!

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