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YOUR DONATIONS to animal rescue organizations make all the difference in the lives of animals in need.

Please don't buy a dog! Buying a dog mostly supports puppy mills and back yard breeding. The only way it stops, is if you don't pay for it. You can save the life of wonderful dog from the shelter or through a local animal rescue groups whos dogs are in foster homes just waiting to be adopted and loved forever.


Every day there are over 100 dogs in any given shelter across this country and the world. Please adopt. Did you know that every breed has a rescue operation? Spay or Neuter your pet!

Adopt First! Every breed has a rescue!

Here is a list of breed specific rescues. Please check them out for adoption, rescue or foster efforts.

Seattle Purebred Dog Rescue

Chihuahua Rescue and Referral

German Shepherd Dog Club of Wa. State

Pacific Northwest Mastiff Fanciers

Bullseye Dog Rescue

Western WA Hound Assoc.

Siberians Needing Owners

Seattle Pug Rescue

Bull Terrier Club of Puget Sound

Cascade Doberman Pinscher Club

Puget Sound Doberman Pinscher Club

Cascade Bulldog Rescue/Rehome Inc.

The Bulldog Club of Greater Seattle

Cavaliers of Puget Sound

Mount Rainier Sporting Spaniel Association

Cascade Cairn Terrier Club

Evergreen Golden Retriever Club

Paws With A Cause

Puget Sound Labrador Retriever Association

Greyhound Club of America

The Pacific Northwest Welsh Springer Spaniel Club

Emerald City American Staffordshire Terrier Club

Aussie Rescue & Placement Helpline, Inc.

Border Collie Rescue and Adoption

Northwest Chinese Sharpe Club

Bernese Mountain Dog Club of Greater Seattle

Pacific Northwest Boxer Club Burien, WA

Northwest Samoyed Rescue


Newcastle logo


The City of Newcastle Celebrates Dogs

nDog (Newcastle Dog) celebrates our canine companions and organizations who help dogs in need.

This is a really fun event I enjoyed last year and am so excited to see it is time for nDog again. I could not believe it when I received a phone call from their coordinator Jules offering this years donatons to us to pass along to the rescues we work with through out the Puget Sound region.

What an amazing and incredible opportunity to receive such generosity. I told Jules that I would like to pass on those donations to Animals First Foundation. They are a grass roots organization that not only saves and fosters dogs, especially bully breeds (my favorite) but also works closely with other organizations like Furry Faces Foundation.



These items are being donated by the generous community of Newcastle during the nDog event May 30th at Lake Boren Park.


Animals First Foundation

aff logo

Animals First Foundation's plan is to become a constant and powerful source of information for the public.

We also hope that through the Foundation, individuals and rescue groups will find assistance in their efforts and support for their cause. We believe that in working with rescue animals, we will also discover things about ourselves, others, and our existence, that will provide insight and direction in our own lives.

The benefit is not only on the animal’s part. Once someone has experienced this, it is never forgotten.

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towels for shelters

todays diet and nutrition

I started this Green donation campaign after I learned how much shelters need towels. I remember how it struck me that I would have never known were it not for, Gurl a pit bull rescue I did last year. Before she could be in her forever home with her new brother Bwoy, she needed to be fixed. Pasado's Mobile Spay Station told me to bring two towels.

Once I knew that shelters and spay stations were in need, I jumped into Green Mode. I rounded up every towel I could and donated them. Then I hit up all my friends. Once those donations were made, I knew it was time to start a bigger effort.

Towels For Shelters is possible due to the generous donation from Today's Diet and Nutrtion magazine. We would not have been able to do this without them.




As soon as we launched our campaign, I received a call from my good friend and long-time animal advocate Karleen who works for the Seattle Seahawks. She called to tell me that she spoke with her friend John who also works for the Seahawks and is a dog lover. They had over 30 towels to donate and because of the size, I can cut them down and double our donation impact.

Our Seattle Seahawks are not only great to our community they are thinking Green! I could not be happier for their support and keep checking in for more great Green Donations.

For more information on how to donate towels or start your own Towels For Shelters campaign, contact us at info@uneekdogs.com


Kent Animal Shelter Seattle Animal Shelter Eastside Animal Adoption Center PawsPasado Spay StationTacoma Humane Society • Check back for more shelters as we get more towels

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current donation

We are excited to bring you our latest donation. Chihuahua Rescue and Referral is having an event! There motto is "In every tiny body, there is a mighty soul worth saving." Well we think so too. The Chihuahua gathering is also a fundraiser and we could not be happier to have the opportunity to support your great efforts. I would like to give a special thank you to Grace, who was inspired by her little girl Capri, who loves our Nut Rolls.

Dedicated Efforts

I salute the amazing work of every person who rescues that which needs to be. Please email us to join the email chain for local rescue efforts that have far reaching results. Through their efforts, these amazing hands-on efforts help create families and lives full of exercise, consideration, effort and love. Pets do that and so much more. The stronger our numbers are the more we increase the odds of finding a foster or permanent home for these needy animals. The more there are of you, the more we can do!

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Kent Animal Shelter

A private, not-for-profit, no-kill humane society that provides a haven for homeless, abused & abandoned animals. We have been bringing pets and people together for over 36 years!

Typically, we have over 100 pets waiting for loving homes of their own. Please visit our Web of Adoptable Pets and see if we have the pet for you, you can even search for that special pet by breed, age, etc.! You can also visit www.Petfinder.org for more pets.

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Ginger Lukes Pet Rescue

January 11th, 2006 ~

Is a date that I will never forget! I did my very first rescue dog~ not ever realizing what the impact of this first rescue would do to me for the rest of my life.

Today as I sit in front of my computer going over the long list of every single dog that our network has saved ~ I am so amazed what we have all done together as a team! As my rescue list grows, so does my heart.

This pet rescue and network has amazed me beyond what I could ever imagine.

Each dog has left his paw print in my life and created an experience of a lifetime. Along the way I have met some of the very best people in the world thru this animal network. I stay in touch with many of you who have adopted one of my rescued dogs and we have so much fun sharing stories, photos and happy memories together.

I want to thank you all for all the love, support, dedication and loyalty you have given me.

I also want to Thank every single foster mom and dad on my network ~ Mary, Lisa, Tina.,William, Joyce & Bill, Paula, Stacey, Linda, and Carolyn. Without you, so many dogs would not be here today. Your time, patience and love is what made them adoptable. Many of these dogs have never had the love and care in their life until they were welcomed by you in your warm homes.

I would also like to give special thanks to Judith, Betsy, Laura, Linda, Perrin, Lynne, Jana, Paula, Debby, Joan, Tina, Karyn, & Susan for being a great part of this core team! We really rock! I love you all and I thank you again from the bottom of my heart!

~ Ginger emial at gingerluke@comcast.net

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Lifesaver Rescue

Who We Are
Lifesavers Rescue is a 501(c)(3) Non Profit Organization. We are a small, all volunteer group of people who are willing to open our homes, yards, arms and lives to unwanted dogs.

One of our goals is the finding of appropriate homes for the dogs in our care. We also vaccinate and worm all dogs, provide needed medical treatment, spay or neuter all foster dogs but young puppies and work with socializing them. We so often find the dogs give us back far more than we give them. Each furry face brings his own personality and needs which we help to match with the right person or family. Lengthy adoption applications are sent to each person seriously inquiring about a specific dog which begins the adoption process.

We try to be thorough but not invasive in our questions. The Yakima Valley has a large dog population for various reasons and we in rescue see many abused, neglected, starving, sick, unwanted, too many pregnant and stray dogs. Phone calls are received almost daily from people having a dog they need help in placing, have found as a stray or even rescued from an abusive situation.

There are never enough foster homes for all the dogs needing a place to be safe until homes are found. We, in rescue, are all striving to decrease the dog population in whatever way we can. The reason for asking adoption donations is there is a great deal of cost pertaining to dog rescue work in many different areas.

ALL donation fees go back into our rescue for the medical treatment , supplies and feed costs associated with the dogs. When adopting from Lifesavers Rescue, you will be given a guarantee that, if after completing a dog obedience course you feel the dog is not the right fit, we will take the dog back and refund your adoption fee. Our goal is a win-win for the dog AND person adopting. ALL dogs are either spayed/neutered OR when adopting young puppies a prepaid spay/neuter from your local veterinarian must be presented at time of adoption.


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Lost and Found Dog Rescue in Delaware

Lost and Found Dog Rescue is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization focused on saving the lives of puppies and dogs of all ages. Through our commitment, almost 300 puppies and dogs have found new homes over the last two years.

All puppies and dogs have been hand-picked and have warm and loving dispositions. Many of the animals rescued have been saved from euthanization in shelters and abusive situations.

Lost and Found Dog Rescue is not a shelter. Lost and Found Dog Rescue is a home-based rescue in New Castle, DE. The Rescue volunteers foster puppies and dogs in our homes until we can find each dog his or her own permanent forever-homes.

If you would like to send a donation.
Lost and Found Dog Rescue Adoption Center, Inc.
PO BOX 10366
Wilmington DE 19850

(302) 613-0394

We find beauty in the most incomprehensible places and the otherwise homely faces. It is our gift to see beyond the dirt,
terror, sadness and defeat and find the true soul that lies within. We Are Rescue.

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Previous Donations


Other Charities

Best Friends Animal Society and Pets Alive

Sara Whalen, the founder of Pets Alive, was a one-woman band with a heart of gold, a will of iron, more than 500 homeless pets and other animals, a small local staff – and no succession plan! She passed away a few weeks ago after a bout with cancer, leaving the animals in an emergency.
Things had deteriorated badly during her illness, and shortly before the end, members of the board asked Best Friends if we could come to the rescue. Since then, we’ve had a team on the ground – animal care staff, emergency veterinary support, and sanctuary maintenance – all working ‘round the clock.

Please check them out. They are in need of donations from time to matierials to money. What a great effort all the way around. So amazing to see the wonderful efforts of those who care!

There are so many, it takes time to assemble. Please continue to check in and see what we have added. You can also visit our blog for daily rescue efforts.

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