A bit about Larry Brigham,

I grew up in the Port Orchard area, and worked in my father's saw mill off and on most of my younger life, as well as, body and fender shop's. I loaded bomb's and ammunition on ship's at Bangor Naval AMMO DEPOT for the Viet Nam war. After that I found my calling, floor covering where I learned to install carpet, floor tile, ceramic tile, vinyl and laminate counter top's.

I had my own little installation business for thirty six year's. You could say I spent most of my life in the building trade. I have loved art ever since I was a small boy and took it in school. I also enjoyed making thing's out of wood and dreamed of having a wood shop. After I retired because of a disability for damage to my neck and lower back, I moved to eastern Washington, in the middle of wheat country.

I purchased a nice little house with a one car garage which Ii turned into a wood shop little by little and bingo, my dream had come true. I designed and built my own dining room table and chair's, a queen head board, quilt rack's and some really cute butter fly house's which I turned into a butter fly bird house condo . I think I am the luckiest guy in the world because of the gift that has been given to me.

I can just hear an idea and in an instant Ii can see it and then transform that idea into a reality. My daughter is my biggest source of idea's. She is a very talented artist also. I have had to teach myself a lot of thing's like pattern making and to make my own stencil's. I also design and build custom doggie and kitty bridge's, even designed and built one for a national dog show. I think I have found my second calling and will be content for the rest of my life as long as I can design and build thing's.   

To inquire about any item you see or an idea you have in mind, please call 509-657-3810 and leave a message including your name and number or email me


bone bridge corgy bridge
wagon whole wagon detail leash rack leashreack
birdfeeder birdhouse blue wagonfront
rack stool yellow   large rack


garden tool tool box two bowlssmall dog feeder  
travel feeder travel feeder side frame leash holder