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There are so many people and organizations out there, who are doing great things for all kinds of animals.

If you or someone you know, has a web site about healthy food for animals, animal rescue organizations, or any other animal friendly resources, we would be happy to help get the word out by posting your link here. Just e-mail us on the About Us page.

We also have a blog which we (try and) update regularly with events and trips with the dogs.


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Grandview Dog Park Grandview Dog Park Grandview Dog Park

Dog Parks and Travel Guides

First off, we have to give thanks to an outstanding organization... SODA (Serve Our Dog Areas). They create and support off-leash dog parks in the Puget Sound region. There are fantastic dog parks all over the Pacific Northwest but we are lucky enough to have possibly the greatest off-leash dog park in the world at Marymoor Park in Redmond, a 640 acre park with a huge off leash area.

We also have the recently opened 37 acre Grandview park in Sea-Tac with a stunning view of Mount Rainier and the valley. If you are interested in a listing of the dog parks in the Seattle area, Explorer Dog is the place to go.

Pet Travel Guides and City Guides for Dog/Pet Owners

Serch for your local dogs park


I received a very nice hello from a fellow dog loving, Seattlite who's passion for the pooch comes out in her artwork. Nancy Shutt of Good Dog Art has a wonderful selection of moments we all know to be true of our canine companions. Please check out her work and support her however you can. She is doing what we all know and love, leaving a legacy of one of Mother Natures Best Creations. Dog

We would like to thank 123greetings for contacting us and asking to share links. Here are some really cool and fun cards for the pet lover in us all!

Welcome to DEWEY'S WHEELCHAIRS FOR DOGS Inc. I provide mobility for handicapped pets specializing in wheelchairs for dogs. I have been building wheelchairs for dogs for over 10 years. About 7 years ago I developed a NEW AND BETTER design to assist dogs that have problems with their hind legs. This is the ORIGINAL design using aluminum tubing, light weight plastic, neoprene rear support and a pneumatic wheel, the lightest on the market. This wheelchair is user-friendly for both you and your pet. Made with durable materials, the wheelchairs will withstand wear and tear under normal conditions.

A wheelchair may be in order for your dog if it is suffering from degenerative myelopathy, hip dysplasia, disk or cervical disease, ruptured disc, spinal disorders, or any other problem that affects its hind legs. I've worked closely with veterinary hospitals and university neurology departments on how to best support pets with disabilities. Each wheelchair is a custom-made, quality product built only by me, with integrity, dependability, creditability and pride. I stand behind the workmanship on all my wheelchairs. Once an order is placed I would have it out in 2-4 days plus shipping. Each dog may have individual problems due to breed and size. To discuss the special needs of your dog, please give me a call toll free at 877-312-2122.  DEWEY SPRINGER

As many of you who live in Tacoma know, the Narrows Bridge had a face lift and now it will be a toll bridge. If you are not familiar, check out the link. We are growing up so fast. I must admit, I don't like the idea but since I never go that way, I don't have to worry about it. I just would not want to be the folks who depend on going across every day. It is suppose to reduce taxes. Well, there is even more reduction this bridge is involved in. Reduced dependency on old power. The Narrows Bridge is going to be lit by a huge string of LCD solar lights. Thanks to the folks who put together NarrowsBridgeLights.org it will be able to sell energy back to the grid and help to pay for itself! Wow, are there some super and amazing folks in the world. I am please to know about their efforts and pass them on!

I had the opportunity to meet Matthew of City Pet Care, on my way to Urban Dogs to make a delivery and say hello to David (co-owner). As we were catching up, we see Matthew walking the two happiest pugs! They were walking him if truth be known. David introduced us and I learned that Matthew will come to your home to walk your pup. He enjoys giving them top quality attention and excercise and providing all needs necessary. And not just for your four legged friend. He will bring in your mail, water your plants and clean up your yard. Please check out his site for all the particulars. You know your pet deserves the best. Matthew does too.

A good friend of mine sent this link to me. I love it. What a great idea! Rent a pet for a day an afternoon or outing. Can't keep a pet because you are in an apartment. Can't care for one because you work long hours. This might be the solution for you. Now, for those who are the entrepenurials amongst us. How could we partner this great idea with our retirement community or old folks home. Where the elderly dogs that need love and attention can share it with elderly folks who need the same. Or dogs in our shelters who need to be loved and exercised while waiting for their forever home! There are so many people with such great ideas!

It is so much fun to discover new ways to celebrate animals. Martha Norwalk has a fabulous website and a radio show. Thanks to Grace and Capri, and their efforts with Chihuahua rescue, we donated Nut Rolls (Capri's favorite) for their charity event. Even though rescue operations hold events only once a year, doesn't mean they can't always use the money, transportation, fostering and networking all year. Please try to think of supporting local shelters and resuce operations many times a year.

I would like to introduce you to a great person with a wonderful idea for a job. Alyssa with doggonerunning. She runs you dogs for you. I thought I had a sweet job! Alyssa will come to your house pick up your pooch and get them out moving. doggonerunning will leave your dog stress free, healthy at the perfect weight, tired so they won't chew up the house and even help them with seperation anxiety.

Not only does Alyssa run your dog to great health, she also donates her time to helping rescue and adopted dogs to get the excercise they need. We met working together with Gingers Pet Rescue at the Seattle Dog Show. Please check her out if you live in the Ballard, Greenwood, Northgate, Crown Hill, Green Lake, Shoreline, Edmonds, Lake Cit,y Everett and Marysville area. Alyssa will work with you and your pal to create an exercise program that will keep them healthy, happy and tired. After all, a tired dog is a happy dog!

I love this idea. My friend Jackie of Nope It Soap! is making dog clothes recycled from vintage people clothes!It is called Rags to Wags. You have to check it out. One of a kind, made just for your dog in mind! Jackie is hand making each one of these creations and I could not be more excited for her. Clothes are a very difficult item to recycle. They can be reused and that is about it. To have such creativity and be able make stylin' fashions at the same time, well, that is simply amazing. Uneek is a green company and we care very much for any measure of effort that will help to reuse and recycle. I give Jackie the Uneek Green Award for her ingenuity and efforts. She is out to make your dog as hip as you are! I hope you will all go to her site and support her efforts.

Please take a look at this incredible organization that helps the most misunderstood breed of dog, the Pit Bull. Law Dogs USA takes this incredible dog and makes them honest hard working and a benefit to our society. Saving us from harm. Bad Rap is also a great place to help support this amazing, misunderstood and mistrained dog. They are incredible for creating a wonderful education and support network. I applaud their efforts! Thank you from a Pit Bull loving owner.

Normally I am all about dogs but sometimes, something non-dog related catches my eye and My Paper Crane is one of them. Heidi makes the the most fun plush toys I have seen. I bet they would even work as a dog toy if your dog had a soft bite. Enjoy, it is so fun to see these toys!

This is just the coolest link. Pete found it and I love it. For fun and a break from the daily grind, click on this link DogCast Radio for people who love dogs!

I wanted to share with you a very talented pet photographer. Please enjoy Jamie's site Cowbelly Pet Photography. Her site is so much fun and check out the links, link. There is so much more to enjoy! Jamie donated her time at Paddywack's Howl-O-Ween bash creating a lifetime of memories. Proceeds of the event went to Best Friends Animal Society. Way to offer your talents Jamie! I know you have given everyone a very special gift.

Dogs by Bri is brought to me by friends of ours. They met on a camping trip. Their dogs played and what fun they had. We are so excited to know about Dogs by Bri and to be able to bring his talents to you. Please enjoy his site!

Earthly Delights is an incredible company owned and operated by Sandi. Like myself, Sandi has taken her dream and made it a reality. Not only has Sandi put together an entire line of skin care products, they are of the highest quality. She is a business women, wife and mother. Sandi, we applaud you.

Together Earthly Delights and Uneek are working to bring you our exclusive Charlie Bar a Uneek Dog soap. Our Charlie Bar is a soap on a (organic hemp) rope with botanicals that have multiple benefits for their skin and coat. Please look for our Charlie Bar on our site and where our fine products are sold.

Seahurst Chiropractic Clinic is a wonderful clinic that provides Optimal Well-Being for the Entire Family. Including dogs! Dr. Yael and staff have taken care of Zappa for years. Keeping us both well adjusted. Seahurst has the same belief as I do. What is good for people is good for dogs (minus chocolate and onions of course). Please click on the link and learn all about them. They can be reached at 206.242.8211 and are located at 120 SW 160th St., Burien, WA 98166.

Good Citizen Canine offers positive, reward-based dog training services in the greater Tacoma area to include group dog training classes at all levels, private sessions in basic obedience and private consultations to address and correct problem behaviors -- including aggression. Deborah and her gal Dolce know how to make your dog a good citizen! Within just a few moments she taught Serch and Zappa (our old dogs) new tricks! For additional questions, contact Deborah Rosen using the contact link through the website, or call her directly at (253) 752-6878.

CityDog Magazine is also a new feature of excitement for us! CityDog Magazine is the Northwest’s only full color, glossy magazine devoted exclusively to life and living with dogs. A subscription will have you wagging with delight! Visit the site to see what CityDog has to offer.

Wanna take your dog for the great pizza and beer in town? Stellar Pizza is a first-rate place to get a pie (we love the Georgetowner) with a pitcher of Manny's and sit out front with your pooch and enjoy one of the best neighborhoods in Seattle...Georgetown in case you missed the reference. We have been going since the beginning (when the place was called Stellas) and it only keeps getting better.

Please check out a great local artist Rondi Lightmark. Rondi approached me and shared her photos of dogs in cars. The images are great and that is just one aspect of this artist. Please click on the link and check out her style. Her site has her contact information.

Dog related causes

Kindred Souls Foundation was brought to me by Deborah of Good Citizen Canine. Kindred Souls Foundations important mission is realized through the donations of time, treasure, and talent. Everyone has a gift they can offer. We welcome all kindred souls to help us demonstrate compassion towards animals in need through adoption, fostering, volunteering, or donations. A much needed support...

We are seeking special people who will help us care for the animals while they wait for a forever home. Contact us to learn how you can become part of our network of families committed to helping the animals.

Pasado Safehaven Pasado's mission is to create a cruelty free environment for all animals. Over 91% of every dollar donated to Pasado's Safe Haven goes directly to the animals - the highest percentage of any Northwest animal group and one of the highest in the nation.

Nationally, The Humane Society of the United States makes a difference in the lives of animals here at home and worldwide.

Looking to adopt a dog of your own? Rescue Every Dog is a great resource for you to find a four legged friend.

Dog Island Free Forever

Homemade carts for dogs and do it yourself wheelchairs for dogs

Here are some wonderful creative animal inspired artisans :

Desiree is my best friend and an incredible artist. She has a very uneek style and for my birthday, she painted a portrait of Serch. She promised a portrait of Zappa next. You can check out her all of her work at desireeart.com

Willow is amazing photographer and a dear friend. Willow has a keen eye and is able to capture your most precious moments for a lifetime. She fulfilled my lifelong dream of having a portfolio. As we were doing our first set of poses, Zappa came in and laid down. Since she wouldn't move, she got her picture taken. Please check out Willow's work at www.willoweskridge.com.

Naomi Black wrote Springer's Journey and her mother Virginia Heaven did the Illustration. Springer has the perfect Orca Whale life, living and playing with the rest of her family in the Kelp Forests of Northern British Columbia until her idyllic life is suddenly shattered. Based on a true story, this is the account of a brave young whale, a surprising journey and the discovery that the road home doesn't begin on any map: it begins in your heart. This true-life inspired 48 page hardcover story is available from San Juan Publishings (who only publish local true stories.) Way to go Naomi! What an incredible book. The book sells for $16.95. You can purchase Springer's Journey by calling 425.485.2813 or by going to www.springersjourney.com.

Larry Brigham does amazing hand-crafted, originally designed wood pieces of many varieties. Corgy bridge, doggy wagon, leash fence, bird houses and many other pieces. Larry is father to Karleen, who is a huge advocate of animals. Karleen is tireless in her fight for the rights and fair treatment of all animals. She has spent so much of her own personal money for Katrina and has turned me on to Hope for Horses. You can check them out at www.hopeforhorses.net.

Colorful Impressions does one-of-a-kind faux stained glass of your pets or what ever else you can think of..

Couldn't have done it without you...

Our logo was created by Mike at Smokin' Petz Graphics. He captured the essence of Serch and Zappa perfectly! Visit his web site for more awesome artwork.

InkLink has been there to help us through the process of getting our boxes die-cut and printed and we can't thank them enough for their hard work.

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