Pets Are People Too

It seems everyone has a family member or is an owner that has a pet being loved as if they were a child and treated in just as special a manner. There have been many grandpup stories or comments like, “I feed my pets better than myself.”

Dogs have daycares, we hire dog walkers while we are at work and we go to specialty stores to get the best food possible. Pets are people too. They have the same mental capacity of a three to five year old child. They have individual personalities, likes and dislikes, can learn multiple languages, they have a special bed for sleeping or perhaps the couch or your own bed. They need lots of exercise in the day and need proper training to be a good citizen.

The big difference is they do all of these things in a much shorter timeframe than we do. Dogs have an average of seven years to our one. They process food at a much faster rate. One meal in, and almost right away, the earlier meal of that day out. They learn what a child learns from ages zero to five a dog learns in 6 months and they are fully grown by about a year.

Most animals are very small so amounts of food, doses of medications and resources they use are so much less. Unless you are hauling in kitty litter, own a Great Dane or other large breed animal it is a smaller scale.