Uneek Wipes – For The Dirty That Dogs Leave Behind



While my sweet Bree-z is the love of my life, she is a messy, messy dog. Within minutes in the car, I will have paw prints on the seat, a pile of dirt in the middle console and her nose prints all over the window. Not to mention her dog hair and super sticky saliva on the dash with drips of it down the outside of the car door when she is super drooly.


I invented the Uneek Wipe so you can clean all the dirty that dogs leave behind at a moment’s notice. We all have good intentions to clean out the car when we get home from our day out and life gets in the way. Then, the next day when the sun shines in, there is all the left-over mess of that sweet doggo of ours.


Worry no longer, less than an ounce of water and this little puck unfolds into an 8 x 10” towel and because it is made of just Bamboo and nothing else, it’s strong enough to clean up all the dirty that our dogs leave behind in your car, at home or even the dog themselves.