Treats are Dessert for Dogs

We think of treats for our pets in the same manner as we think of treats for ourselves. There are dozens of varieties available from meat to wheat and all manner in between. We have their food stored in one area, and their box or bag of treats in another. Meals are generally two times a day but treats are spread throughout and offered for any number of reasons.

Our mood and their sweet faces determine how many times we dip into the treat stash for our fur-babies and they will run through all their tricks and offer their best behavior, or whatever behavior we have trained them regarding their treats, just for that extra snack.

The joy they receive is equally matched by our own when we see how happy they get. This makes it extra important that we offer only the best options. High protein and healthy snacks for in between meals. We also want to be careful that when we do not just give cookies that get stuck in and on their teeth and can cause weight gain. Treats, in our minds, are considered a special item but we must remember, they are part of the diet.